a little workplace rant to start the week,

So to start the week, i shall do a workplace rant because some people are really unbelievable.

I work in the airline industry, see planes coming and going, there is an odd satisfaction there and the environment is amazing. My team is really good and i thought everyone was kinda chill till i met this unbelievable bitch.

I kinda knew everyone disliked her and i didn’t really care cause bitch didn’t step on my tail so why should i care till i saw her in action.

Something happened at work where it involved my best friend and this bitch. So they were tasked to do gate duties and this bitch went to tell my best friend to do the gate and my best friend response was

” since your matinee is here, why not you teach her, ”

To me, this seemed like a reasonable request because yes, your matinee is there so why would you want me to be doing the gate duty when you can teach her but i also realized how rude it can come off but hey, there was no meaning behind it.

But this bitch got so offended so made a humongous molehill out of it, big is an understatement but she was clever because she didn’t show how offended she was till we got back to the counter where she was happily complaining to the rest of the team.

I reached there slightly later and was kinda surprised why this bitch is raising her voice complaining and why everyone’s attention was on me. This bloody bitch was kicking up a fuss about what my best friend said and was telling everyone else how rude my best friend was and she was acting all so clever she might can consider going solo first ( me and my best friend are still matinee but not her’s)

There was a big confusion going on cause majority of them knew my best friend and how cheeky she was, she was never ever rude to any one them and my controller/ in charge told us to drop it and open the counters.

I honestly thought everything was over till i got to the counter with the mentor and she was still ranting about it, i was like ” oh my god, is she serious”

I just ignored her and did my counter while my mentor received a sudden call and she got very upset and i kept trying to console her with our other colleagues, the one closer to her and this bitch did the most unbelievable thing.


That was just the limit.

Bitch, you know that person is emotional right now, which part of that made it seem like it was good for you to fucking rant at her when you can obviously see she is about to break down and cry, you blind bitch.

and now the issue still isn’t solve cause she is being a bitch,

Talk about professionalism,

Toodle deeee!


Everyday Every night felt like a fool
You gotta know
Why why why are you always mad mad mad at me?

– GOT7 “니가 하면(If You Do)

You’ve started screaming again,
and this time, i’m not even sure what’s its all about
i tried blocking you out but those words, they sting
With every passing second, it became a built up

I would have thought they would become a dull ache i could ignore
but how foolish of me,
with every word you said, they felt like knives

One by One stabbing me and you were holding the handle, driving those knives in deeper .
“What are you smiling at?!”
your screams were getting louder now.
With whatever courage i had left,
i looked up at you with a smile as a tear slipped past my eyes.

How did we get to this point?
How is it that i am still here, handing you the knives?

When it gets to be this time, i think of you
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Yeah i had a drink but it’s not because i’m drunk

– Jay park feat okasian “You know”

As i sat in the bathtub with the water still running,
i kept the song on repeat,
thoughts began to fill my head.

Should i be crying or should i be laughing?
Do i need a hug or do i need 6 shots of vodka to keep me from calling your number?
At that moment, i laughed.
Who was i kidding, 6 shots of vodka will make me call you.

That’s right, you might be lonely and i might simply be foolish.